Here is a non-exhaustive selection of Rome’s most beautiful apartments to rent on Airbnb to spend a romantic weekend in the best conditions ! An unmissable destination for love travel, Rome offers superb rental apartments at relatively affordable prices.

All apartments are part of the Airbnb Plus program, selected for their beauty and comfort. They have been checked by Airbnb and the owners all have excellent reviews to ensure a successful stay. Click on the photos to learn more and view the ad on Airbnb.

Favorite for this design apartment with its brick walls and a neat decoration

Superb loft with a pop vibe with a terrace in a 16th century building

Charming apartment with a large terrace located near the Spanish Square

❤ Sumptuous apartment with classic and luxurious décor in a beautiful 16th century building near Campo dei Fiori

❤ Adorable little apartment with blue walls located near the Vatican

❤ Cosy apartment located in the bohemian district of Trastevere

Selection criteria: Apartments for 2 (1 or 2 bedrooms maximum), located exclusively in the city centre, remarkable for their beauty, charm, design, attention to detail and part of the Airbnb Plus program. Note that these apartments have not been tested by me, they are simply suggestions.

Don’t hesitate to post your reviews in comment if you like, if you want to book or if you have already rented one of these apartments !

Lovers, at your luggage !

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Advertisements and photographs : Airbnb / Photography Title : Bigstock / Icon and logo: divider by Stan Diers and map of italy by Randomhero from the Noun Project

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