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Have you ever imagined spending a weekend in love on a rock planted in the middle of a bay ? no ? Well why not try the adventure and spend an unforgettable romantic night in Normandy ! Mont Saint-Michel, of course everyone knows, but how many people have spent a night there ? Often we have the impression that the mount is only a place that can be visited at the bend of an afternoon overwhelmed by a crowd of tourists ! And yet it’s quite possible to spend the night among its 30 residents, Mont Saint-Michel has several hotels and a guest house so let’s enjoy it !

Mont-Saint-Michel romantic weekend

On the program : contemplate the beautiful landscapes of the bay leaning from the window of your room, admire a sunset or a moonlight on the sea from the ramparts, stroll through the small medieval alleys, be trapped during the big tides where Mont Saint-Michel once again becomes an island, visit the magnificent abbey and fall asleep on the “rock” under the protection of the statue of Saint-Michel posted 157 meters above your head. With such a spectacle, the magic instantly operates on this city built between sky and sea.

Here, everything comes together to delight us and impose on us : it is grace and magnificence, strength and subtlety, breadth and slenderness. We don’t know if art has chosen this place of nature for its apotheosis, or whether nature has pleased itself, tempted by the magnificence of art, to adorn itself here with its greatest charms. Each stone has its past, each stone shouts the genius of the craftsman who carved it. So many surprises ! So much contemplation ! So many delights ! How the sea rhythms the voice of the centuries !

Henry de Montherlant

Imposing its silhouette on the horizon of the bay, Mont Saint-Michel exudes a fascinating and mesmerizing atmosphere with its old stones and narrow alleys. Full of history and mysticism, the mount does not leave indifferent and makes this trip an experience like no other. So what are you waiting for ? Why not organize a surprise weekend for your lover ? To advise off-season of course and why not in the middle of winter to enjoy a misty and mysterious atmosphere in this unusual religious place.

Lovers, at your luggage !

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#When to go

With nearly 3 million visitors each year, it’s hard not to meet people on the mount. However, sleeping there makes the most of the place when the tourist buses have left on the continent. Still it’s always best to go off-season. Preference for a winter stay. Weather in Mont Saint-Michel

#Get there

Pontorson Station, 10km from Mont Saint-Michel. Shuttles connect to the foot of the Mount. By car, if you have booked a hotel on the Mont, access to a reserved car park then shuttle.
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#Find accommodation

Favourite for the 3-star hotel, Auberge Saint-Pierre, housed in an old 15th century house. A small preference for the rooms located in the Logis, a lot of charm in a small alley away from the High Street. Some rooms with bay views. Rooms from 230 euros.

The only guest house on the mount, the “Tête Noire” offers 2 rooms with alcove and four-poster beds in a beautiful historic mansion for a stay in a medieval atmosphere. Accommodation in high demand, to be booked in advance. Rooms from 200 euros. Tête Noire


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