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Here is an example of these little-known places that can be discovered around a street. The Giusti Garden, located in Verona, represents all the epitome of the beauty and elegance of the Italian Renaissance. Leaving the historic centre of Verona from the east, you cross the Adige and find yourself in a part of the city with mundane appearances. But behind the wide façade of a 16th century palazzo is a little romantic gem.

garden giusti verone italy

An ode to beauty and nature

Passing the porch, you enter the garden of the Palazzo Giusti invaded by a feeling of beauty and harmony. With its central driveway lined with cypress trees in front of you, the garden invites you to a dreamy stroll. How can we not fall in love with this place ? Considered one of the finest examples of italian garden, the Giusti garden provides glaring proof that the gardeners of the time had the gift of taming nature to imagine a setting that one would fall in love with at first sight. Undoubtedly the type of place that sublimates your emotions, delights by its beauty and transports you to another era.

garden giusti verone italy
garden giusti verone italy

Panorama on Verona

In this garden everything is beauty, elegance and tranquillity. No wonder Goethe and Mozart liked to walk around. Centuries-old cypresses, boxwood beds, beautiful fountains where turtles have taken up residence and sculptures adorn the setting. The Giusti Garden is also home to a charming labyrinth, one of the oldest in Europe. At the bottom, a spiral staircase awaits the visitor to extend his stroll by climbing the tops of the garden. And what a view from up there ! A lookout offers you a superb panorama of the city of the legendary lovers Romeo and Juliet, to conclude this walk.

garden giusti verone italy
garden giusti verone italy

An ideal setting for an official request, a fiery declaration of love or just a walk for two in love. Don’t miss out if you’re visiting the area or visiting beautiful Verona ! An early morning visit may allow you to discover the garden in complete solitude. To visit on sunny days !
Lovers, at your luggage !


Practical Notebook

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Giusti Garden
Via Giardino Giusti, 2 – Verone
Every day 9am-7pm – Price : 8.50€


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