#Füssen, the Bavarian romantic


Final stage on the famous romantic road running mainly through Bavaria, Füssen is a charming little town in southern Germany. Located at the foot of the Alps at an altitude of 800 metres, the city embodies the romantic soul of Bavaria and offers a medieval setting with mountains, forests and lakes. An ideal setting for a weekend in love and to discover the famous castles of Louis II of Bavaria.


A romantic soul

Füssen has everything to please and travellers looking for romance will find a setting like no other. A historic centre composed of large medieval bourgeois houses in pastel colours worthy of a movie set, small cobbled streets where warm inns and baroque churches follow one another, all bordered by the emerald green waters of an alpine river. With its old-fashioned charm, strolling through these romantic alleys is a pure pleasure and a real change of scenery. The city is also adorned with several historic buildings to visit, including the superb Hohe Schloss (castle) that dominates the city and its colorful trompe l’oeil paintings. At his side stands the no less magnificent Benedictine monastery of St Mang, which is home to the city’s museum.


Oh, it is necessary to build such paradises, such places of poetic refuges where we can forget, for a while, the terrible times in which we live.


Between lakes, forests, mountains and castles

If Füssen has so much charm, it is also thanks to its position in a region of tradition and heritage. Bavaria displays sumptuous landscapes between mountains, forests, lakes and wonderful castles perfectly embodying the romanticism of nature and the alliance with culture. Add the farms, streams, meadows, and you will have the traditional landscape of an eternal Bavaria. The romantic route stretches 350km from Wurzburg to Füssen and reveals the richness of this region. One of the most touristic routes in Germany with a succession of magnificent medieval towns with the sights of The City and the castles of Louis II.


The madness of greatness

Nicknamed “King of Fairy Tales,” Louis II of Bavaria was an idealistic and romantic king, building extraordinary castles. A great admirer of Louis XIV and sponsor of Wagner, posterity retained from him his “madness” which led him to take care of the construction of his castles rather than the management of his kingdom. His tragic death in Lake Starnberg in 1886 remains a mystery to this day and gives the king an untouched aura among the world’s romantics.


Füssen is a perfect destination for any lover of romance and culture. A romantic and magical setting to visit preferably in winter with its lakes, snow-capped mountains and few tourists. An exceptional destination not to be missed.

Lovers, at your luggage!


Neuschwanstein Castle


Of course, Füssen would not be so well known without this majestic castle straight out of the overflowing and extravagant imagination of King Louis II of Bavaria. Perched on a rocky outcrop, surrounded by mountains and an emerald green forest, Neuschwanstein Castle overlooks Hohenschwangau Castle where Louis II moved his childhood. Fascinated by the Middle Ages and its legends, Louis II wanted to build a castle in homage to this time. The visit to Neuschwanstein Castle is an unparalleled experience, even if the guided tour and the obligatory route leave a taste of frustration for the visitor imagining himself as a child, getting lost in the maze of corridors, rooms and turrets that the castle contains. In the end, the visitor visits only a few rooms, including the remarkable throne room. Nevertheless, this castle, which was never completed, is incredible. Its location, its size, its architecture, everything here is out of the norm. Integrated into a beautiful natural site, the castle appears as a fusion of nature and culture, so much so that it gives the impression of having always been there. Once the tour is over, don’t miss the path that overlooks the castle and leads to the Marie Bridge where Louis II came for a walk at nightfall. Overlooking the Pollat waterfall, the small Marie Bridge offers breathtaking views of the castle in profile and the valley. A must see once in a lifetime and without a doubt one of the most beautiful castles in Europe in the same way as the Palacio da Pena de Sintra. It should be noted that Walt Disney drew inspiration from the architecture of the castle to design the castles of Cinderella and the Sleeping Beauty. Louis II also built other notable castles in Bavaria, including Linderhof Castle and Herrenchiemsee Castle.


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As with the other destinations in this blog, I recommend you go to the off-season, especially in the middle of winter to make the most of the snowy landscapes. Spring or autumn will also allow you to walk quietly and avoid the masses of tourists. Weather in Fussen

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Munich Airport 160km away. Direct flight on Lufthansa or Air France from Paris. No direct flights from the province. Train connection to Fussen from Munich station, also from Paris with changes. Flight search : ;

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Whatever the destination, I advise travellers to book accommodation in the centre to take full advantage of the charms of the destination. It offers a range of accommodation to its visitors, but its hotels have little charm and the apartments are relatively expensive.

Many hotels for all budgets in Füssen but none is distinguished by its charm or elegance. The Hotel Sonne is worth noting for lovers of rooms with themed decorations :

Also many rentals on Airbnb and other seasonal rental platforms. A favourite for this beautiful duplex apartment located in a historic building in the city centre.
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Füssen, the Bavarian romantic