Looking for inspiration for your next romantic weekend ? Do you want to surprise your lover? Take her (him) to a charming place for a long weekend or just for a walk on a Sunday afternoon ? Then this travel blog is for you. Going off the beaten track of the romantic destination, here is the main idea of this blog with on the program : beauty, charm and elegance. Many treasures are still hidden in the heart of “Old Europe”: a small village on the shores of a majestic lake, a fairytale castle on a mountain, an ancient fishing village perched above the sea, a secular and legendary island, a medieval village perched on a mountainside, a baroque village at the bottom of a fjord, archaeological sites listed as a world heritage site, a small unknown Renaissance castle, a hidden Italian garden… Here, there is no exoticism at the end of the world, but beauty, charm and culture, in short the best of European civilization. So let yourself be guided, because Europe and France still have many charms to offer you.

Lovers, to your luggage !